Should Deep Tissue Massage Hurt?

People often think that deep tissue massage will consist of me bearing down with my elbow, as hard as I can, until they cry uncle. That's really not a very productive use of massage, in my opinion. I see deep tissue massage as affecting the deeper layers of muscle tissue, allowing them to elongate and engage properly. This is best accomplished by warming up the muscles and then slowly working to deeper levels. 

If you feel like you're trying to get away from my pressure, then your muscles are fighting back, and I prefer not to fight. I strive for finding a pressure that feels like a good stretch or good pain in the muscle- where it feels like a good hurt. Yes, sometimes it may reach a bit of pain level, but the rest of your body should be able to relax and allow the pressure. No matter who you get a massage from, you should always feel comfortable telling the therapist if you feel the pressure is too much. If the therapist doesn't listen, then they are probably not the right therapist for you.

How often should I get a Massage?

Happy New Year, 2015!!

Welcome to my first blog post. I intend to bring you information that will help you live a more relaxed and pain free life. 

Let's start with talking about  how often you should get massage therapy for maximum benefit.

I'm often asked how often clients should come in to get the best results. The answer to that will depend on what your goals are, what your present condition is and how much time and disposable income you have to work with.

If you have been having a chronic pain issue, then I recommend massages weekly or every other week, at least until we bring the pain level down significantly or until it's gone and stays gone. Every week we'll bring your body closer to balance, and allow for your muscles to engage properly. Once your body feels like it's staying pain free, then spreading out your massages is fine.  I have clients who regularly come weekly, some every other week, some every 3 weeks , some once a month and some who only come back when their pain returns or they are stressed. 

For people who don't have recurring pain issues, and just want to maintain a relaxed body,  monthly massages are usually recommended. 

I'm always happy to discuss your specific situation and help you make a choice that will  best benefit you.

Best wishes for a great New Year in 2015!!!!


P.S. I saw this post from Louise Hay on Facebook today and I just love it so much that I'm sharing it with you:

Today, we welcome a New Year into our lives. This is a good time for us to see what is to be released, what is to be kept and improved, and what is to be brought in.

Take time to ask and explore these simple questions:

What shall I now release from my life?

What or who no longer works for me?

What am I holding on to that holds me back?

What thoughts or beliefs belong to the old me?

How am I being unloving to myself?

Am I ready to let go?

What do I believe that really works for me?

What is going on in my life that is terrific and wonderful?

Where am I being very loving to myself?

Where am I most content?

Let me acknowledge myself for all the growth and change.

What do I want to bring to my life?

What do I want to create?

How do I want the next year to be?

Who do I want to bring into my world?

How do I want to look?

What image do I want to project?

How healthy do I want to be?

How prosperous do I want to feel?

How much love am I willing to experience?

What kind of world do I want to live in?

Where do I want my spirituality to go?


I know that where I am is the totality of possibilities . . . not just a few possibilities, but the totality of all creation.

I am not limited by statistics, medical opinions, time, or authorities.

I am one with the infinite wisdom and capabilities of the Universe itself.

All good is available to me, right here and right now.

All I have to do is to use the power of my thoughts to create that which I desire. I know that. Now let me live it!

Happy New Year, Dear Ones!


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